Locations for services

  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Mobile
  • Houston

SRN Services in USA

Hull cleaning

  • Hull cleaning performed by Underwater remote operated brush unit – The CROV.
  • Underwater propeller polishing by divers.


  •  Underwater cleaning and inspection services performed by CROV, ROV or by divers.

Propeller polishing

  • 3 stage polishing to Rubert scale A.

Ship Repair

  • Afloat or underwater by ROV or divers.

Non destructive testing

  • CP-Cathodic protection inspections by ROV.
  • UT- Ultrasonic thickness inspections by ROV.
  • FMD- Flooded member inspections by ROV.
  • ACFM- Crack detection inspection by ROV.
  • Laser sizing

Underwater CCTV

  • GVI – General visual inspections by ROV or divers.
  • CVI – Close visual inspections by ROV or divers.