SRN GROUP services

Underwater hull cleanings:

  • Using in house developed unmanned, mechanical, robotical, remotely operated cleaning vehicles. (Navigator-CROV).
  • No diving involved to clean flat bottom and/or vertical sides.
  • Navigator is steered from the surface by ROV technicians.
  • Client’s representative or Captain can witness the entire cleaning process from behind CCTV monitor if required.
  • The Navigator can be adapted with different types of brushes, which are carefully chosen after initial fouling inspection.
  • In Europe, hull cleanings are conducted using certified reclaim filtration system.

Diving & ROV Underwater inspections:

  • General Visual Inspection GVI
  • Close Visual Inspections CVI
  • Cathodic Protection monitoring CP
  • Ultra sonic Thickness measurement UT
  • Laser for distances and sizing
  • Crack detection ACFM
  • Flooded Member Detection FMD

Propeller polishing:

  • Propulsion efficiency for vessels.
  • Less load and drag on the vessel.
  • Rubert’s scale A-B



ULCC, VLCC, Tankers, Bulkers, Containervessels, …



FPSO, FSO, Jackets, …



Dock doors, Bridges, Quay sides, …


The experience and diversification of our teams and equipment allows us to offer a variety of ROV cleaning and survey methods.

Typical offshore operations by SRN GROUP:

  • Fixed platforms/jackets: Cleaning underwater parts with ROV’s.
  • Floating production vessels (FSO, FPSO): Cleaning of the shell plate using the CROV.
  • DP vessels: Hull cleaning with ROV’s and CROV. (Exclusive by the SRN GROUP).
  • Construction barges: ROV or CROV cleaning prior to NDT inspection by ROV.
  • Jack up rigs: Cleaning underwater parts of jack up rigs with ROV cavit blaster.
  • Hull cleaning ocean-going vessels with CROV.



We offer a comprehensive portfolio for the oil and gas and wind farm industries including:

  • Baseline underwater cleaning by ROV’s.
  • ROV UW visual and NDT inspections.
  • CSWIP 3.3U and 3.4U inspections
  • Thorough data reporting.
  • Safety-first work ethic.

Our professionalism within the industry
is highly appreciated by the largest shipping
and offshore companies.




is an advanced small, powerful free flying ROV used to conduct ship inspections, harbour and inland water inspections


Outland 2000

is a dynamic ROV and is used for offshore assignments as well as in harbours. The Outland is equipped with the most advanced survey equipment. The unit can easily be adapted into a effective cleaning water jetting tool.


Sea eye falcon

very well known ROV equipped with a powerful cavity blaster which can clean the most severe marine growth.



Ocean model V8 M500

a 360 degrees rotating ROV equipped with 8 thrusters, which gives her a great stability that is needed to perform measurements and cleanings in harsh conditions.



a in house developed remotely operated vortex unit which is designed to clean large surfaces in a record time. The CROV comes with different types of brushes and knife cutters.