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Underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing saves fuel


Cleaning a light slime can yield up to 7 to 9 percent reduction in propulsion fuel consumption.


Cleaning a heavy slime saves up to 15 to 18 percent reduction in propulsion fuel consumption.


Cleaning a heavy macro fouling saves up to 20 to 30 percent reduction in propulsion fuel consumption.

Hull cleaning
leads into predictable cost control.

Design speed of a vessel is 16 knots/hour

Fuel consumption is 40 ton of fuel per day

In money this means 40 x 700 US$ = 28.000 US$

After hull cleaning saving 20% = 5600 US$ per day

Hull Cleaning

Our Cleaning Remote Operated Vehicle (CROV)
is designed to remove even the heaviest marine fouling
of vessels and offshore structures.



We know, we care, we perform!

Worldwide service

We developed in house the state of the art ‘Cleaning Remote Operated Vehicle’  (Navigator-CROV). Our mission is to provide a quick, flexible underwater service in every part of the world.


Cost efficient solutions

Our technical capability combined with tailor-made services result in cost efficient solutions and are beneficial for your business.


Experienced teams

Our highly experienced dedicated teams deliver an excellent operational performance through well-defined technology with safe operational procedures for underwater cleaning and propeller polishing.

Daily reporting

We search immediately for the best solution, we focus on short communication lines. We do daily reporting with one single point of entry.


More than hull cleaning

We deliver more than hull cleaning; we deliver a personal touch combined with teamwork and high quality performance. SRN GROUP works transparant and in an efficient way.


SRN GROUP goes green

Now we can offer environmental safe hull cleaning and propeller polishing in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Hull cleaning with filter system can perfectly be done during cargo operations or at layby berth.


Headquarters of the SRN GROUP is based in Stabroek-Antwerp Belgium, the heart of the shipping industry and the port of entrance in Europe.


on the spot, on time

We deliver what we promise. SRN GROUP is always on the spot and on time. No opportunities lost, no unnecessary costs involved.